PHP Components

for PHP, Laravel & Symfony

121.9k 18 7
SPL inspired PHP enum class implementation
Enum Eloquent
104.2k 48 6
Enum attribute casting for Eloquent models
64.8k 108 14
Concord is a Laravel Extension for building modular Laravel Applications
19.4k 4 5
Laravel module for handling countries, cities, addresses, people and organizations
18.5k 1 4
User handling module for Laravel applications
12.6k 10 5
Menus in Laravel 5 - 7
ACL for Laravel
12.6k 4 4
Concord Module for Permission handling (Laravel 5.5+)
11.2k 2 5
Settings and User Preferences library for Laravel
11.1k 31 5
Foundation for Laravel business applications
Migration Compatibility
6.7k 0 1
Library to help migrations to figure out whether a related field is int or bigInt
API Resource
322 1 3
API Resources library to transform entities/models into REST API objects. Inspired by Laravel - usable in any Framework
Vanilo Euplatesc
2 0 3
Euplatesc Payment Gateway Support for Vanilo (Laravel)