ACL for Laravel Documentation

ACL is a Laravel package to manage user permissions and roles in a database.


  • Permissions like list invoices, create projects etc.
  • Roles like Editor, Super Admin, Developer, Content Manager, etc
  • Integration with Laravel's authorization system:
    • PHP: $user->can('create invoices')
    • Blade: @can('list expenses') ... @endcan
    • Multiple guards are supported

Package Origins

  • This package is a fork of Spatie's Permission v2.1.5.
  • Reason for the fork was to convert the package into a Concord compliant module.
  • As of v1.0: most of the changes have been ported from Spatie v2.9.0
  • Beginning with v2.0, this package no longer maintains compatibility and feature parity with the Spatie Permission package.
  • The most important feature of v2 is the possibility of Sharing Eloquent models across users.


See the Changelog for more information about what has changed recently.

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