This package contains the following seeders in the src/resources/database/seeds folder:

Name Type of Entries Contains
Countries Country All the countries in the World
CountiesOfHungary Province Hungarian counties (megye)
CountiesOfRomania Province Romanian counties (județ)
ProvincesAndRegionsOfBelgium Province Belgian Provinces & Regions (gewest/région)
ProvincesAndTerritoriesOfCanada Province Canadian Provinces & Territories (English)
ProvincesAndTerritoriesOfCanadaFrench Province Canadian Provinces & Territories (French)
ProvincesOfIndonesia Province Provinces, geographical units and regions of Indonesia
ProvincesOfNetherlands Province Provinces of Netherlands (provincie)
StatesAndTerritoriesOfIndia Province Indian States & Union territories
StatesOfGermany Province States of Germany (Bundesland)
StatesOfUsa Province States, DC, territories and military areas of the USA


With Artisan

php artisan db:seed --class="\Konekt\Address\Seeds\Countries"

Adding To Your App's DatabaseSeeder

class DatabaseSeeder extends \Illuminate\Database\Seeder
    public function run()

For more details refer to the seeds section in the Concord docs.