Creating Enums

Define Enum Type

An enum type is a class that extends the base Enum class and defines a set of constants:

class Status extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT      = self::PLACED;

    const PLACED         = 'placed';
    const CONFIRMED      = 'confirmed';
    const PROCESSING     = 'processing';
    const COMPLETED      = 'completed';

There's no restriction on what constant values can be, so it can be string, numeric, bool, etc.

class Rank extends Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const JUNIOR       = 1;
    const INTERMEDIATE = 10;
    const SENIOR       = 100;

Creating Instances

Konekt Enum offers several ways to create enum instances.

Using Plain Constructor

// With plain constructor:
$placed = new Status('placed');
// or
$placed = new Status(Status::PLACED);

Using Factory Method

The create() static factory method can also be used for creating enum objects:

// With factory method:
$confirmed  = Status::create(Status::CONFIRMED);
$processing = Status::create('processing');

Using Magic Constructor

The most terse variant is the use of the magic constructor, where you use one of the const names as static method call:

$completed = Status::COMPLETED();

Instances are immutable.

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