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Gears - Settings & Preferences for Laravel Application

This Laravel package allows you to manage and save/retrieve settings and preferences in your Laravel application.

Settings and preferences are being managed separately. Values (by default) are being saved to the database (settings and preferences tables) and are cached with the configured cache for your application.

The backend for storing the settings can be completely replaced, so it is possible to store them in anywhere else like MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Firebase, DynamoDB, S3, etc.

1 Minute Intro

Settings are identified by a key (string) and need to be registered in order to be used.

Register Settings

$settingsRegistry = app('gears.settings_registry');


Saving And Retrieving Settings

use Konekt\Gears\Facades\Settings;

// using the facade:
Settings::set('mailchimp.api_key', '123456789abcdef');
echo Settings::get('mailchimp.api_key');
// '123456789abcdef'

// using the service from the container:
$settings = app('gears.settings');
$settings->set('mailchimp.api_key', 'fbcdef');
echo $settings->get('mailgun.api_key');
// fbcdef

Documentation: [1.x] · [Changelog] ·