Extended PSR-3 Logging

This logger extends the default PSR-3 log levels (debug, info, warning, etc) with the new OK level.

The scope of OK is to be able to send semantic "positive" logs to tools like Datadog in order to watch the successful execution of jobs. This can be useful for setting up log based heartbeat monitoring.


  • PSR-3 compliant (extends it)
  • Python (JSON) logger
  • PHP 8+
  • Laravel Command logger (logs to decorated Laravel console output)
  • Trait for Laravel commands to either log to output or to a file in different formats based on the arguments passed to the console command

Compatibility Chart

This package is compatible with the PSR Log package.

The respective package versions are compatible as described:

PSR Log EXT Logger (this package)
1.x 1.x
2.x 2.x
3.x 3.x

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