Add Assets To The Layout

There are two Blade files that you can use to inject additional assets into the AppShell layout:

  • _footer_includes, and
  • _header_includes.

You can use these partials to add extra scripts, styles for your application. The contents of these file will be injected in the layout:

  • in the html head section, after AppShell stylesheets (_header_includes)
  • before the closing body tag (_footer_includes).

To populate the content of these view files in your application, create the following file(s):

  • resources/views/vendor/appshell/layouts/default/_header_includes.blade.php
  • resources/views/vendor/appshell/layouts/default/_footer_includes.blade.php


Inject the DataDog RUM script only in production and only for logged in users.

Content of resources/views/vendor/appshell/layouts/default/_footer_includes.blade.php:

            window.DD_RUM && window.DD_RUM.init({
                applicationId: 'eeeeeeee-ffff-4444-bbbb-333333333333',
                clientToken: 'pub33333333333333333333333333333333'

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