Breadcrumbs are supported via the Laravel Breadcrumbs package.

Define Breadcrumbs

Use the Breadcrumbs facade to define breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs::for('home', function ($breadcrumbs) {
    $breadcrumbs->push(__('Home'), url('/'));

Breadcrumbs::for('app.order.index', function ($breadcrumbs) {
    $breadcrumbs->push(__('Orders'), route('app.order.index'));

Loading Breadcrumbs With AppShell Helpers

If your application is built from Concord Modules, you can use a very simple way to define and load breadcrumbs:

Add breadcrumbs.php to your module's <module_root>/resources/routes/ folder:

// Define breadcrumbs:
Breadcrumbs::for('app.product.index', function ($breadcrumbs) {

Add the HasBreadcrumbs trait to your module service provider and call the loadBreadcrumbs() method on boot:

class ModuleServiceProvider extends Konekt\Concord\BaseBoxServiceProvider
    use Konekt\AppShell\Breadcrumbs\HasBreadcrumbs;

    public function boot()


This will load the breadcrumbs if breadcrumbs are enabled for the module. Breadcrumbs will be rendered in the resulting AppShell pages.

Disabling Breadcrumbs

It's possible to disable the breadcrumbs feature via AppShell configuration:

// config/concord.php
return [
    'modules' => [
        Konekt\AppShell\Providers\ModuleServiceProvider::class => [
            'breadcrumbs' => false            

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