Customizing The Admin UI

The customization has fundamentally changed with v2.0. If you're still on AppShell v1, refer to the customization section in v1.8 docs

The user interface was built on top of Bootstrap 4.x.

The SASS files can be found in the src/resources/assets/sass/ folder, and the javascript files are in the src/resources/assets/js/ folder (under vendor/konekt/appshell).

Customizing The Existing CSS

Read the Laravel Mix Documentation for more details about managing frontend assets in your application.

In case you want use the default AppShell stylesheet, and add moderate customizations to it, you can modify the build script in your application (mostly webpack + laravel mix).

Copy all the sass files from the vendor/konekt/appshell/src/resources/assets/sass/ folder to your application's resources/assets/sass/ folder and modify them freely.


// webpack.mix.js
mix.js('resources/js/app.js', 'public/js')
   .sass('resources/sass/appshell.sass', 'public/css') // <- add appshell to mix config
   .sass('resources/sass/print/print.sass', 'public/css'); // <- the appshell print css

Custom Theme

If you want to have a completely custom layout/theme, then the best is to define a new theme instead of tweaking the built-in AppShell theme.

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