Widget Modifiers

Widget modifiers are classes that take input data, apply some transformation and return a string.

To define new modifiers you need to:

  • Create a modifier class that implements the WidgetModifier interface;
  • Register the modifier class with the WidgetModifiers registry.

Create a Widget Modifier Class

The WidgetModifier interface has 2 methods:

public function handle($value): string;
public static function create(array $arguments): WidgetModifier;

A modifier class should look like:

use Konekt\AppShell\Contracts\WidgetModifiers;

class TitleCase implements WidgetModifier
    public function handle($value): string
        return ucwords($value);

    public static function create(array $arguments): WidgetModifier
        return new static();

To register, add this to your package/app provider boot method:

\Konekt\AppShell\WidgetModifiers::add('title', TitleCase::class);

Afterwards, you can use the modifier at widgets:

$text = Widgets::make('text', ['modifier' => 'title']);
$text->render('Hello I am a title');
// => "Hello I Am A Title"