Konekt Enum Documentation

What's An Enum?

Enums are handy when a variable (especially a method parameter) can only take one out of a small set of possible values.

Examples would be things like type constants (contract status: “permanent”, “temp”, “apprentice”), or flags (“execute now”, “defer execution”).

Konekt Enum

Konekt Enum is PHP enum implementation.

It consists of an abstract class that enables creation of PHP enums. All you have to do is extend this class and define some constants.

Quick Example:

class Status extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum {
    const PENDING     = 'pending';
    const IN_PROGRESS = 'in progress';
    const COMPLETE    = 'complete';
    const FAILED      = 'failed';

Enum is an object with value from one of those constants (or from one of superclass if any).

There is also a __DEFAULT constant that enables you to create an object without passing enum value.

Note: It is an alternative implementation of the SplEnum class, as that is often not available on PHP installations.

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