Enum labels are strings for specific values, and are intended to be used to display an enum to the end users.

Labels are optional.

Labels were called "display texts" in v1.x of this library.

Setting Labels

Labels can be defined via the static $labels property on the concrete enum class.

Be aware that the $labels property MUST BE DECLARED AS STATIC otherwise it won't work.

It has to be an array containing enum values as keys and user friendly texts a values:

class OrderStatus extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT      = self::PLACED;

    const PLACED         = 'placed';
    const CONFIRMED      = 'confirmed';
    const PROCESSING     = 'processing';
    const COMPLETED      = 'completed';

    /** @var array Labels are optional */
    protected static $labels = [
        self::PLACED     => 'Placed',
        self::CONFIRMED  => 'Confirmed',
        self::PROCESSING => 'Processing',
        self::COMPLETED  => 'Completed'    

$completed = OrderStatus::COMPLETED();
// Retrieve the label with the label() method
echo $completed->label();
// 'Completed'

Setting Labels In Runtime

If it's necessary to set the labels runtime with some function (eg. translate with __()) then it can be done within a custom boot() method.

Example: returning translated display text with gettext:

final class OffsitePaymentMethod extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT = self::WIRE_TRANSFER;

    const WIRE_TRANSFER     = 'wire_transfer';
    const CASH              = 'cash';
    const POS               = 'pos';
    const CASH_ON_DELIVERY  = 'cash_on_delivery';

    // $labels static property needs to be defined
    public static $labels = [];

    protected static function boot()
            static::$labels = [
                self::WIRE_TRANSFER     => __('Wire Transfer'),
                self::CASH              => __('Cash'),
                self::POS               => __('Pos terminal'),
                self::CASH_ON_DELIVERY  => __('Cash on delivery')

Methods For Accessing Labels

  1. static::choices()
  2. $instance->label()

The label() Method

The label() method returns the label for a specific instance value. If no label was set via the $labels property, defaults to the enum value:

final class BarType extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const CREATED        = 'created';
    const ACTIVE         = 'active';
    const CLOSED         = 'closed';

    protected static $labels = [
        self::CREATED    => 'New Bar',
        self::ACTIVE     => 'Ongoing Bar'  

$created = BarType::CREATED();
echo $created->label();
//outputs: 'New Bar'

$active = BarType::ACTIVE();
echo $active->label();
//outputs: 'Ongoing Bar'

$closed = BarType::CLOSED();
echo $closed->label();
//outputs: 'closed' -> fallback to enum value since no label was set

The choices() Method

The choices() method returns all the available values along with their display texts. Useful for selects/dropdowns:

final class BarType extends Enum
    const CREATED        = 'created';
    const ACTIVE         = 'active';
    const CLOSED         = 'closed';

    protected static $labels = [
        self::CREATED    => 'New Bar',
        self::ACTIVE     => 'Ongoing Bar'  

//    [created] => 'New Bar'
//    [active]  => 'Ongoing Bar'
//    [closed]  => 'closed'

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