Default Values

Specifying Default Value

It is possible to define a default value on Enum classes, by setting the value of the __DEFAULT constant:

class MemberRank extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT = self::NOVICE;

    const NOVICE  = 'novice';
    const SENIOR  = 'senior';
    const VETERAN = 'veteran';
    const MASTER  = 'master';
    const LEGEND  = 'legend';

In case you omit passing a value when creating an enum instance then the object will have the default value:

with plain constructor:

$rank = new MemberRank();

echo $rank->value();
// output: 'novice'

with factory method:

$rank = MemberRank::create();

echo $rank->value();
// output: 'novice'

No Default Value

If you don't set an explicit default value, then it is not possible to create an enum object without setting the value:

class ChessColor extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const WHITE = 'white';
    const BLACK = 'black';

new ChessColor();
// throws: UnexpectedValueException: Given value () is not in enum `ChessColor`

// throws: UnexpectedValueException: Given value () is not in enum `ChessColor`

Obtaining The Default Value

In case you need to obtain the default value of an Enum class, there are two ways to do so:

  • read the class's __DEFAULT constant,
  • use the static defaultValue() method.
class FooBar extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const FOO = 'foo';
    const BAR = 'bar';

// since BarType has no default

class SpoinkBaz extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT = self::SPOINK;

    const SPOINK = 'spoink';
    const BAZ    = 'baz';

// string(6) "spoink"

// string(6) "spoink"

Fallback To Default Value

This is a v3.0 feature

It is possible to define the behavior for an enum so that if it receives a value that is not one of the predefined values, it falls back to the default instead of throwing an exception.

This can be done by setting the static variable $unknownValuesFallbackToDefault to true:

class FallbackEnum extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const __DEFAULT  = self::UNKNOWN;
    const UNKNOWN    = null;
    const SOME_VALUE = 'some_value';
    const GOOD_VALUE = 'good_value';

    protected static $unknownValuesFallbackToDefault = true;

//class FallbackEnum#1 (1) {
//  protected $value =>
//  NULL

Make sure to define $unknownValuesFallbackToDefault as static variable!

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