Upgrading Older Versions

From v2 To v3

The most important difference between 3.0 and 2.X versions:

The __default const is now uppercase __DEFAULT in order to fully comply with the PSR-1 standard.

This is a BC so if you want to use version 3.0, you have to check your codebase for enums that have __default constants defined and rename them to __DEFAULT.

If you don't want to do this, you can safely keep using the 2.x versions.

From v1 To v2

Renamed Methods

  • getValue() -> value()
  • getDisplayText() -> label()
  • hasValue() -> has()
  • hasKey() -> hasConst()

Consistent Naming

In order to be more straightforward, the following naming changes have been done:

  • 'Display text' has become 'label'
  • 'Key' has become 'const'
  • 'Values' is intact

Removed Features

  • strict comparison (===) has been removed (is always ==)
  • toArray() never returns the '__default' key.

Null Values Must Be Explicit

It's not possible to have enums without values any more.

If you want to have a null value it is possible by explicitly setting one of the values to NULL:

class Progress extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum
    const UNKNOWN     = null;
    const INITIALIZED = 1;
    const COMPLETED   = 2;

Then you can have a null value:

$unknown = Progress::create();
// output: NULL

New Static Methods

  • values(): returns all the values as an array.
  • labels(): returns the labels (with fallback to values if no label defined). Elements are always strings.
  • consts(): returns the const names in an array.
  • create($value): factory method for creating an instance with value
  • reset(): Clears static class metadata
  • defaultValue(): static method to return the value of the class (__default const or null if unset)

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