Freely based on the idea of Magento helpers. These kinds of classes are often required in views where using namespaces isn't very elegant, and pushing instances from controllers would just increase noise.

So Concord's idea is that helpers are generally just services registered in the service container but they can be reached via an abbreviated call like helper('money')->helperMethod() or if you register the Helper facade Helper::get('money')->helperMethod().

Helpers instances are singletons.

Registering Helpers

You can register helpers with Concord's registerHelper() method:

concord()->registerHelper('helper_name', HelperClass::class);

You can access this helper via helper('helper_name')->someMethod(), which gives you short access to HelperClass's someMethod().

Registering helpers actually adds the class name as a singleton in the container as concord.helpers.helper_name key. Thus accessible via app('concord.helpers.helper_name') as well.

Helpers need to be registered either in a module's ModuleServiceProvider or in the AppServiceProvider classes boot() method:

    public function boot()

        // In ModuleServiceProviders:
        $this->concord->registerHelper('product', ProductHelper::class);
        // in AppServiceProvider:
        $this->app->concord->registerHelper('product', ProductHelper::class);

This makes you possible using helper('product')->someMethod().

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