Map Of Concord Parts

Note: This is a recommendation, not a mandatory ruleset.

This is the cheat sheet for Concord's intended structure. It shows, where specific parts should be placed, implemented or customized

Part Module Box Application
Configuration D G,P O
Migrations D G,P D,I
Entities D G,P D,O
Events D D D
Listeners - D D
Event-Listener Bindings - D D,O,I
Helpers D D D,E,O
Blade Components D D,O D,O
Views - D,P D,O
Routes - D,P D,O,I
Resources (assets, lang, etc) - D,P D,O,I
Controllers - D D,B,O
Commands - D D,O
API Resources D D,O D,O
Middlewares - D D,O
Form Request Types A D,O,I O
Notifications - D D,O
D: Defines To be defined and implemented here
A: Abstract Only Can be defined here, but only as abstract
G: Gathers Gathers these parts from a lower lever layer
P: Publishes Publishes part(s) to an upper lever layer
O: Overrides Overrides part from a lower level layer
I: Ignores May ignore these parts from a lower level layer
E: Extends May extend these parts from a lower level layer
B: Binds Binding of interfaces to concrete implementation happens in this layer