Modules should not define views, and boxes are expected to. Applications may or may not want to use views provided by boxes.

Enabling/Disabling Views

Registering of views can be enabled/disabled in the box config:


return [
    'modules' => [
        Vendor\MyModule\Providers\ModuleServiceProvider::class => [
            'views' => false

Naming Conventions

Naming View Folders

  • Folder names must be all lowercase, eg:
    • resources/views/order/
    • resources/views/product
  • Folder names should be singular nouns, eg. category/ instead of categories/.
  • In case the word consists of two parts, dash should be used, eg.: property-value/

Naming View Files

  • File names must be all lowercase, eg.: show.blade.php
  • In case a file is a partial (ie. doesn't extend a layout) the filename must begin with an underscore, eg: _form.blade.php
  • File names with multiple words should be separated with underscore, eg.: _form_seo.blade.php
  • File names should follow this resource naming conventions:
    • show.blade.php (display a single resource)
    • index.blade.php (display a list of resources of a type)
    • create.blade.php (the create new entry page)
    • edit.blade.php (edit an existing entry page)
    • _form.blade.php (the shared form partial for both edit and create)


Namespace can also be set explicitely for view folder to be used as


return [
    'modules' => [
        Vendor\SuperBox\Providers\BoxServiceProvider::class => [
                    'views' => [
                        'namespace' => 'super'    

and then use it as:


If not specified explicitely, default namespace is the module's folder name converted to snake case, eg.: Vendor\SuperBox => 'super_box'

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