The migrations within Concord are just plain Laravel migrations. Starting with v5.3, Laravel supports migrations distributed in various folders, Concord is utilizing this facility.

Migrations are module and box level parts, since they belong to the model layer, are brothers and sisters with entities.

Customizations mostly happen in the application layer, so migrations are naturally present there as well. Application level migrations should contain customizations that are exclusively relevant to the specific application/client.

Turn Migrations On/Off

It is possible to turn on or off migrations in the module configuration setting the migrations config value to false or true:


return [
    'modules' => [
        Konekt\Address\Providers\ModuleServiceProvider::class => [
            'migrations' => true
        Konekt\User\Providers\ModuleServiceProvider::class => [
            'migrations' => false

Until version 1.5, migrations are loaded by default.

Beginning with version 1.6, migrations of modules loaded via boxes are only loaded by default if the migrations config of the parent box is true.

Prior to v1.6, submodules of boxes were always loading their migrations by default unless explicitly disabled on a per-module level.

If you turn the migrations off, they won't be visible for the artisan command.

In such cases you can still publish the migrations. This way all the migrations are part of your application, will be managed there, so the app is responsible for them and not the module. If you're updating the module, make sure you're taking over the newer migrations by running the vendor:publish command with the appropriate parameters.

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